Posted 2022

How does the registration process work? 
Registration for the 2022-2023 school year went electronic this year!  Forms were sent home via Google Forms for all parents to complete. Paper copies of certain forms were also sent home to be completed and then returned to school on the first day of classes.

Posted 2022

What is Grandparents Day?
This year we hosted Grandparents Day for the first time in three years! We began the day with Mass and then move over to the school for drinks, snacks, and some pictures. Thank you to all our grandparents that joined us on this special day.

How does After Care work? How much does it cost?
After Care is available for students in grades K-8 from 3:15 until 5:30 p.m. The monthly cost is $82 per child, but if you use the automatic withdrawal the monthly cost is only $82 per child. Drop ins are welcome at a cost of $6 per day. If you need to use After Care for a drop in situation, you can just call the school and ask to have your child sent to After Care for the afternoon. Students line up downstairs and go to After Care immediately upon dismissal. Students receive a snack and are actively supervised until pick up. On early dismissal days, students attend After Care from 12:40 until 5:30 p.m. Parents enter After Care through the doorway by the outside ramp on the lower lot. On days when the school is dismissed due to dangerous weather, parents should pick up children by 4 p.m. or as early as possible.

How do we drop students off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon?
In the morning, drivers pull on to the lower lot in a circular fashion and line up single file in front of the double entry doors. Students stay in the cars until they are able to safely exit by the door, and drivers stay in the line and exit in the same order they entered. If parents need to drop off items, they can park in the middle of the lot and bring the items into the school.

After school, drivers enter the lower lot and park parallel to the retaining wall and facing the parish office so they can exit straight out of the parking lot. Students are dismissed beginning at 3:11 p.m. Once the students are released, all drivers will stay parked until a supervisor gives the signal to begin leaving, signaling all children are safely in cars. For drivers that pick up later than 3:10 p.m., they just park along Route M and walk down to pick up their students by the aftercare door.

Walkers are dismissed when the cars begin leaving the parking lot (around 3:15 pm).

Unless it is an emergency or for a scheduled appointment, students should not be picked up before the dismissal bell. Those last minutes are for packing bags, prayer, and end of the day routines. Picking up a child early disrupts the routines and procedures for the teacher and the rest of the class.

Can we attend daily Mass with the students?
We are always excited when guests can join us for daily Mass. We celebrate Mass on Thursdays and Fridays at 8:00 a.m. Students may seat with their guests or with their classmates, whichever is preferred. The adults usually sit in the back. Each class is assigned to plan the Masses, so during the year your child will be involved in the different ministries at Mass. Your teacher will send home the dates so you can plan to attend. The children go to the bathroom before they come over for Mass, so we encourage children to remain seated throughout the Mass and not develop the habit of leaving the pew during Mass.

What is the best way to contact the school during the school day?
The best way is to call the office or email the office at The teachers usually check their email at the end of the day so if it is something that you need taken care of before the end of the day (changes in after school pickup, students in the office for appointments, sad feelings over the pet goldfish who died, etc) please contact the office and we will get the message to the teacher. Please do not text teachers since they put their phones away while they are working.

I noticed there was a Birthday Mass listed on the calendar. Can you explain?
We hold a Birthday Celebration at 8:00 a.m. once a month to recognize people celebrating birthdays. Everyone who has a birthday during the month (we do mean everyone! We invite children, siblings, parents, parishioners, grandparents) to come join us in the school gymnasium after Mass to receive a blessing. Parents, grandparents, pre-school siblings, and parishioners are invited to join the birthday child for doughnuts and juice/coffee in the cafeteria following Mass. We hope you can join us!

Does the school have an email service to notify parents for emergency alerts?
We have a general email system we call Tiger Tales for general information and messages for parents. To sign up for these email messages, just send a message requesting to be placed on the Tiger Tales list to We also have an emergency alert system, funded by Legends Bank, to notify parents in the event of an emergency. Information may be sent through text messaging, emails, or by landline phones.  To sign up for the emergency notification system, a form will be sent home at the beginning of school so we have the correct information.

How does the school let parents know about what events are happening at school?
Our school website is It contains information regarding calendars, organizations, teacher wish lists, handbooks, and much more! Our school newsletter, Tiger Tales, comes home every Friday via email.  The newsletter is also posted on the school website. We also send out information through our FACTS Textcaster Alert System.  This is an easy way to get information about inclement weather, school reminders, etc. that go on throughout the year.  All parents are automatically signed up for this free service.

How do you get clothing with the SFX logo on them?
This year we will only be selling S.F.X. spirit wear and shirts through Midwest Advertising.  A link to purchase these items will be sent out to all parents two times throughout the school year.

What is your “Uniform Exchange Room”?
We have a room at school filled with uniforms in all sizes for boys and girls, especially shorts and pants. You can take items at any time, and it can save a lot of money on clothes that are in great shape! Rather than selling the items, we just ask families to bring in their gently used items when they have clothes that have been outgrown. There’s a wide variety and new items come in regularly!

How do we get involved at school?
At St. Francis Xavier School, we have many ways to get involved! A starting place is to fill out the Volunteer Sheet that is sent home via Goolge Forms at the beginning of the year. Home and School meetings are a great way to meet other parents, hear what is happening in the school, and learn about volunteer opportunities. Volunteer possibilities include technology committee member, room parent, Home and School officer, School Board member, career speaker, prayer partner, field trip chaperone, playground committee member, physical plant volunteer (electrician, plumber, painter, welder, roofer, carpenter) fundraiser helper, athletic committee member, landscaping committee member, team coach, Scrip sales helper…the possibilities are endless! Everyone has something to offer!

Who can I contact if I have questions?
You can always contact the school, and we are happy to answer your questions! Our school phone number is 573-395-4612