Under the patronage of St. Francis Xavier, our school community guides the formation of Christ centered learners, leaders, and stewards on a foundation of Catholic beliefs and academic excellence.


The Catholic Church believes every parent’s obligation and privilege is to help children grow in their faith. By choosing Catholic education, parents gift their children with a learning environment interwoven with prayer, Scripture, Eucharist, and faith formation. The Saint Francis Xavier School faculty and staff support parents with this important responsibility.

As a Catholic school community, we believe every child is a sacred treasure from God, gifted with unique talents and abilities. Teachers relate to learners with a positive attitude, believe in the dignity of each child, and challenge young people to discover God’s purpose in their lives. It is the obligation and privilege of the teacher to nurture the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth of each student entrusted to our care.

A Catholic education assists students in achieving their God given potential. The best interests of the learner are placed at the center of the educational process. The school values the differences among learners and provides students a variety of means to demonstrate academic growth. Teachers, students, and parents partner in the responsibility to provide an environment for learning. Students are encouraged to work to their full potential, participate actively in their education, and give their best effort and ability. Teachers guide, encourage, and set high standards for all students. Parents support the educational mission through their words and actions. Our school community instills within our students the desire and skills to be lifelong learners.

Becoming a faith filled Christian is an ongoing journey which provides daily challenges. Our interactions with one another require the Christian values of patience, compassion, love, courage, kindness, and forgiveness. Parents, teachers, and students work together to foster an environment of mutual respect and consideration for others. Students are encouraged to accept responsibility for their actions, evaluate their choices, and make decisions based on Christ’s example. In using our time, talent, and treasure in service to others, we are fulfilling the Church’s mission to help children grow in knowledge and faith.